We focus on creating spaces that are useful, attractive, and comfortable to help students learn and grow. Our designs include colorful classrooms that spark curiosity and flexible common areas that promote teamwork, all aimed at improving the overall learning experience.


We specialize in designing lab interiors where accuracy, safety, and efficiency are crucial. We know what labs need and create layouts that improve workflow while meeting strict safety rules.


An auditorium, also called an assembly hall, is perfect for social, cultural, and educational activities in a school. It's an important part of the school because it can be used for celebrations and other events.


Inspirational design solutions providing modern teaching environments for schools and colleges.

About us

Welcome to Meihul Interior, where we redefine educational spaces through innovative interior design solutions. With a passion for creating environments that inspire learning and foster creativity, we specialize in crafting exceptional interiors for schools and laboratories.


Creating Inspiring Learning Places.
We're committed to changing school spaces by making inspiring places where creativity, teamwork, and great learning happen. Understanding what today's education needs, we bring enthusiasm, know-how, and new ideas to every project.


Our process starts with careful planning. We know that each school has its own needs, goals, and limitations. Our strategic planning sets the stage for success by making sure every part of the project is well-considered and precisely carried out.

Design & Development

Our team of skilled designers uses their knowledge of education and design to bring ideas to life. We believe great design is more than just looking good; it’s about creating practical, innovative, and inspiring spaces that improve learning.


Whether we’re installing custom cabinets, laying flooring, or setting up multimedia equipment, we make sure everything meets the highest quality standards. Our skilled craftsmen and technicians work hard to turn ideas into reality.


We take our duty to clients, communities, and the environment seriously. We follow high ethical standards and operate with honesty, openness, and accountability. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in everything we do.


Enhance your home with our custom Residential Interior Design Services.

Our Residential Interior Design Services create beautiful and functional homes. We customize each space to fit your lifestyle and preferences, ensuring every detail reflects your taste. From layout planning to selecting furniture and decor, we focus on making your home comfortable, stylish, and uniquely yours.

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