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About us
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Welcome to Meihul Interior! We’re all about making educational spaces awesome with our creative interior design solutions. We love designing places that make learning fun and spark creativity. Our specialty is making schools and labs look amazing inside.

Physic Lab  |  Chemistry Lab  |  Biology Lab  |  Computer Lab  |  School Auditorium  |  School Library  |  School Cafeteria  |  Admin Office

At Meihul Interior, we focus on making school and lab spaces awesome. Our designs prioritize making places that are useful, look good, and feel comfy for students. We create vibrant classrooms that make you curious and common areas that help you work together. Plus, we’re experts at designing labs where safety and efficiency are super important. We pay close attention to every detail to make sure your space is perfect for learning and teaching. Let’s work together to make your school and lab dreams come true!


Empowering education with cutting-edge laboratory solutions


To revolutionize the education landscape by offering comprehensive laboratory solutions & top-tier teaching and learing tools


Customers satisfaction, Innovation, High-quality products, Reliable services, Commitment to education, & Ethical business practices

WHY us

We Create Spaces That Are Suited To The Needs Of Today’s Learners

If You Are Looking For Quality School Interior From A Name You Can Trust, Call Us!

We design, manufacture and build quality and inspirational school furniture for all educational establishments including 
nurseries, primary/junior schools, senior schools colleges and universities.

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